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After clicking on the "Team" you'll see your data, which provided for the registration teams (your nickname, which you're using in the game, your e-mail address and region which you're coming from). At the name of your team you can find your ID number. This often helps to identify errors, but also recognising of the teams. There are also information like what is your current league and date of sign up. You can also see your logo! You can edit your logo in Office -> Logo (enter the address of the website where is the logo). How to put the logo you can find in the logo section. You can also see your trophies. If you look for a friend and go to his profile, you can see, when was the last logged in. Data supplied during sign up you can hide under the Community -> Settings

Club history

This tab shows whole history related to the club in Speedway Manager. After each season the note about league and taken place is recorded. There is also information about cup or last owners.