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In club -> Machinery you can manage your engines. At the beginning you should buy some kind of engines (starting from the worst), to check on what engines your riders are the best! Machines have different speed and requirements. Engines in machinery are automatically sorted from the most powerful (Sigma 800) to the weakest(Sigma 600).

Spis treści

Speed summary and engines price

  • Sigma 800: for 30 000zl V=22,9m/s
  • Sigma 750: for 25 000zl V=22,8m/s
  • Sigma 700: for 20 000zl V=22,7m/s
  • Sigma 650: for 15 000zl V=22,6m/s
  • Sigma 600: for 10 000zl V=22,5m/s

Speed depends also on kind of truck surface.

Engines consumption

Engines are consumed only during league matches! Consumption is like following::

  • Sigma 800 - 0,30E/heat
  • Sigma 750 - 0,25E/heat
  • Sigma 700 - 0,20E/heat
  • Sigma 650 - 0,15E/heat
  • Sigma 600 - 0,10E/heat

Engines repair

Of course you can repair your machines, however after some repairs it won't be cost effective. Prices of fixing are like following: points to fix * 300zł if you fixed new engines you can fix it to 100% (50 E) only twice, after this you're able to fix it to 49E, but also twice and so on!