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You should look on the rider's skills when considering the choice of rider. Most of them have a value in the range 0-100, the only exception is a form whose value is in the range 40-80.

Spis treści


One of the rider's skills, which allows him to fight on the track longer. Since version 0.9 this ability is trained twice faster than other skills.


It is an innate ability, however, can be easily train, working long hours at the starting line. It helps rider to start faster. This ability is the most useful on the hard surface.


It belongs to a physical characteristics group. Thanks to it rider can maintain better engines. Ability is useful on all types of surfaces.

Ride technique

It belongs to technical characteristic group. Thanks to it rider take corners more easily. The most useful on the sticky surface.

Start technique

It belongs to technical characteristic group. Thanks to it, rider starts better and takes the first corner. It's the most useful on hard surface.


Except their skills, there is need to have high form. Higher form is more repeatable starts, but also rider with low form can go on the highest level. Form of your riders you can check by click in Club -> Riders. There is form in the form of numbers, if you want to check form is it increase or decrease in last week you have to click his name. Then you will see graph (increasing, decreasing or constant), you can also see form in description mode (fatal, miserable, poor, weak, average, good, very good, excellent). For better control of rider form there's a little table with dependency, how many heats rider should make in week:

Number of heats Form
0-3 <-4,-2>
4-5 <-3,-1>
6-8 <-2,0>
9-11 <-1,+1>
12-13 <0,+2>
14 <+1,+3>
15-16 <0,+2>
17-19 <-1,+1>
20-22 <-2,0>
23-26 <-3,-1>
>26 <-4,-2>

Heats are count from Monday to Sunday and form is updating every Monday. You can also take with general training.

NOTE! Form increase/decrease regardless of whether the riders win or lose, but if rider is excluded this heat isn't included to rode heats.


Experience (known also as xp) gained during the ride gives many to riders while driving. They make less mistakes and are able to defend themselves against the attacks of others. Riders can gain experience only by riding! Depending on type of contest they gain different amount of experience:

  • participant of league or cup matches receives 0,05 xp points per heat
  • participant of individual championship (IChJSM'a, IChSM'a) and qualifying round gains 0,03 xp points per heat
  • participant of a friendly matches receives 0,02 xp points per heat

Note! The acquired experience depends only from the number of heats, there is no impact whether a rider wins or lose!