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The improvement of skills is very important and every rider should practise the profession. As the owner of the club you have the right to determine which skills your rider need to improve. You can choose training in Club -> training. You can choose between:

  • Stamina
  • Reflex
  • Strength
  • Ride technique
  • Start technique
  • General

You can also tell you riders to rest, sometimes it is necessary, because only 20 riders can train at once. By choosing the ability to be trained you don't need to change it every day, because riders will train it to maximum effect. You can check their improvement in history of training. It shows the skills growth over the last few days. If there is "No skills improved today!" displayed it means that nobody improved their skills to the next level. The impact on the skill's increase rate are talent, age and level of skill, we want to train (higher level needs more days to train). Talent is shown in rider's profile as stars (a full star talent are two points). Maximum skill value is 100 (only form has 80) and training above this value is worthless. Even worse, if he trains up to the level which normally give him next level, his training day will be lost.

NOTE! Riders, who ride in at least one heat in the league match receives extra training on Monday! If there's two league matches on weekend and rider rides in both matches, he gains extra training from both matches.

In addition, there is a training skill ladder created, which depends on the player's talent. It shapes as follows:

  • +1-2 skill at the talent 1-4
  • +1-3 skill at the talent 5-8
  • +2-3 skill at the talent 9-10

NOTE! The increase applies only to the skills of players who can be fielded in leagues, and therefore do not apply to school juniors! Training will take place from Monday to Friday!